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  Traditions are customs handed down through the generations by word of mouth or example. They start in memory or honor of an event, time, and/or person. They enrich our lives by providing meaning and cultural continuity. They divide time … Continued

In absentia

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It has been months since I have posted.  I did not consciously set out to take such a long break. However this past season has been a season of reading, listening, observing, learning and processing.  It is my intent to … Continued

New Beginnings

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  A New Year’s Resolution is a promise to yourself to do better, to erase bad habits and form good ones. Yet it can be hard to make those changes stick.  Why is the decision to change for the better … Continued

What is a Personal Economy?

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  It is your personal resources: your health, finances, personality, passion, purpose, energy, values, time, strengths, weaknesses, education, knowledge, skills, talents, experience, possessions, and your expenditures of the same. In short, it is all the elements that make up You, … Continued

Coffee Talk, Taylors Falls, MN

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  Nested along the western shore of the St. Croix River is the historic town of Taylors Falls, MN. First incorporated in 1858, this small city has maintained its historic charm through maintaining historic structures and remodeling or repurposing others. … Continued

Land in Her Own Name

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History is the sum total of choices and actions that make up the past.  A historic record is evidence that is left behind for those in the present and future to read or ignore, interpret, try to understand.   Do … Continued

Merry Christmas

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  May the Gratitude of Thanksgiving make your heart Merry for Christmas. May the Spirit of Christmas bring you Peace and Hope for a Joyful New Year.  

Finances and December

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In December, many people are feeling generous, wanting to impress, or thinking that they’d really like to surprise that special someone(s).  All it takes is a blink of an eye, a swipe of a card, and our finances are over-extended. … Continued

“Green Restoration” Book Review

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“Green Restoration: Sustainable Building and Historic Homes” by Aaron Lubeck is a basic book for understanding some of the nuances of older homes and remodeling in an eco-friendly fashion, while staying within historic preservation ordinances and utilizing incentives. Many weatherization … Continued


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