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Traditions are customs handed down through the generations by word of mouth or example. They start in memory or honor of an event, time, and/or person. They enrich our lives by providing meaning and cultural continuity. They divide time into meaningful segments. Like the guard rails on the Autobahn, they can allow us to fly further and faster than we would without them. They can also blind us to possibilities.

Sometimes, the story changes, as the story tellers try to make it relevant to the current culture, embellish it, or add in another element-person, time, event or place; and the origin of the tradition gets lost over time. Have you stopped to think about the traditions and customs you observe? What do they mean to you? Do you understand why the tradition or custom has been passed down?

If not, take some time out of your busy day to learn.  Talk to an older relative or someone else who understands and observes those same traditions.  Find out what it means to them.  Do it now, before their memory fades or they are gone.

Sometimes, you may need to dig a little deeper, learn some words or phrases from another language, or do some research.  If you don’t know how to research, then find someone to help guide you.  Look for a historical or cultural society. They exist to help preserve heritage, culture, and to teach others about them.  You will find individual researchers to help you as well. Give us a call. If we cannot help, we will try to connect you with someone that can.

Enjoy your day!

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