Information Consultant

Timely and accurate information in conjunction with data analysis and results formulation helps businesses make better decisions.  I offer a wide variety of information consultant services, ranging from collecting and preparing information, to data analysis and visualization, to summarizing and communicating results. 

My interests and areas of expertise include genealogy, housing, population, economic, and business data, as well as history and geography.  I enjoy working with people who want to make a positive difference in their lives and the lives of others.   

Do you need help preparing surveys for either postal mail or online?  After your data is collected and analyzed, I can assist you with summarizing and communicating your results by preparing information fact sheets, presentations, or classes/training sessions

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Business Coaching

Have you considered a business coach for yourself or for members of your business team?  Coaching helps accelerate change by developing new behaviors and empowering people.  Potential results are an improved office culture and customer relationships, which may result in increased sales.  Coaching develops focus and leadership skills

Are you looking for a thoughtful, encouraging coach who is a good listener?  How about someone to bounce ideas around, or keep you organized and focused on your goals?  That’s me! 

Prior to the start of coaching, I would provide a free consultation, which includes a plan review and goal discussion.  All coaching is individually tailored to provide each person the structure and support they would find most useful for their specific needs and situation. 

From this point, I would formulate how I can help your business, the timeline, and produce a contract with a price quote.

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